Project title:
CO-modal journey re-ACcommodation on associated Travel serVices

Total Project Value:
€ 7 818 365,21
from 01/09/2016 to 31/12/2018
S2R (Of H2020) co-funding:
€ 3 474 481,52
Nihad Bahri
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The overall objective of CO-ACTIVE is to provide new concepts, tools, and systems to improve the attractiveness of rail transport by offering more intuitive and engaging travel experience to customers while shielding them from the complexity and heterogeneity of services for door-to-door intermodal journeys.

It addresses the general enrichment of the ‘one-stop-shop’ capability as initiated in the IT2Rail project and further completes the scope of functionality by addressing post-sale business transactions, and an underlying payment-settlement solution for comodally retailed products and services. This provides the opportunity to focus specifically on those aspects whose level of customer-perceived risk discourages the advance purchase of comodal travel entitlements:

  • Enhancing the technical facilitation of a one-stop-shop capability,
  • Research into the different possibilities for managing retailer-TSP settlement in order to simplify/rationalise integration of today’s multiple settlement system infrastructures ,
  • Analysis of potential automation and orchestration based on the information of previously generated travel entitlements, for enabling the processing of cancellations, ticket exchanges and refunds.

Project Structure

WP1 Travel Shopping

The Travel Shopping work package will address the following objectives:
  • Enrich Journey Planning functionalities by ensuring the re-accommodation of journey
  • Enlarge the journey planning by taking into account the first and last miles, allowing the traveller to use personal or shared transport modes (e.g. Car sharing, Bike Sharing)
  • Refine the offer building with more information, alternatives and ancillary services.
  • Manage the failure cases
  • Develop Technology Demonstrators for Rail and Urban domain with the addition of the Car-Sharing, Bike-Sharing and Car park management.

WP2 Booking & Ticketing

The Booking & Ticketing work package will address the following objectives:
  • Model the travel rights in order to manage a smart re-accommodation of the co-modal journey
  • Manage the failure cases
  • Ensure the correct clearing and settlement for business entities
  • Develop Technology Demonstrators for Rail and Urban domain with the addition of the Car-Sharing, Bike-Sharing and Car park management.

WP3 Business and Contractual Management

The Business and Contractual Management work package will address the following objectives:
  • Analysis of the legal rules that govern the transportation business and the relation between the business partners between them and with the end-users
  • Analysis of the Terms and Conditions for the retail and usage policy
  • Specify and model data for future management of the contractual aspect within the IP4 ecosystem

WP4 Technical Coordination and System Coherence

The Technical Coordination and System Coherence work package will address the following objectives:
  • Define and apply the proven best practices in system engineering
  • Guarantee the technical consistency across the project work package and within work package in other projects
  • Manage the technical coordination and decide on mitigation strategy to bypass or resolve the technical issues
  • Foster of the convergences of technologies to facilitate the adoption across the Railway industry
  • Define the testing strategy and create testing material and means
  • Pre-integrate the software components inside the project and provide an active support to the ITD7
  • The partners plan to deliver software components through an iterative development process. Nevertheless, the Proof of Concepts solutions that will be demonstrated in two releases:
  • The Core Release (CREL), which will cover a first set of features
  • The Final Release (FREL), which will include all features identified in the technical scope

WP5 Dissemination and Communication

WP6 Project Management




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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 730846