Project title:
Smart Planning and Safety for a safer and more robust European railway sector

Total Project Value:
€ 786 349
from 01/09/2016 to 31/08/2018
S2R (H2020) co-funding:
€ 349 453,75
Korinna Stephan
Deutsche Bahn AG (DB)
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The PLASA project intends to significantly increase customer experience and system robustness in the European rail sector. It aims at ensuring that the Research & Innovations Activities dealing partially or entirely with railway planning, relevant data or safety issues within the different S2R Innovation Programmes are considered completely and holistically.

Furthermore, this project encompasses additional research and innovation activities, which foster significant improvements in long term railway traffic planning. These coherent improvements will enhance performance and resilience whilst lowering costs in future railway activities.

PLASA consists of two sub-projects, Smart Planning and Safety. The objectives of the project will be achieved by a holistic approach involving partners of the rail industry, the operators and universities.

Project Structure

WP1 Project Management and Technical Coordination

WP2 Development of a basic smart planning model

The objectives of this work package are:
  • To provide an overview of recent topics on planning activities, state-of-practice usage of simulation in planning processes and state-of-the-art smart planning research
  • To provide an overview of relevant use cases and available/usable data sets
  • To define the necessary scope of innovation for a comprehensive smart planning tool

WP3 Enhancement of the basic model to disruptions and elaboration of case studies

The objectives of this work package are to analyse and assess the impact of disruptions and time buffers in planning processes. The specific objectives are:
  • Conduct comprehensive analyses of different disruption types
  • Evaluate efficiency of existing time buffers
  • Model the impact of disruptions
  • Enhance (expand) the developed prototype by including disruptions
  • Use the prototype on examples with a European focus

WP4 Management of the safety of the railway system based on risk assessment

This WP is dealing with the management of the safety of the railway system based on the results of a risk assessment. The objectives of this WP are:

WP5 Dissemination and Communication




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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 730814