Cost-Efficient and Reliable High-Capacity Infrastructure

IP Coordinator: Eleanor Simmons - NETWORK RAIL


Total Project Value:
€ 13 440 000,00
from 01/09/2017 to 31/08/2022
S2R (Of H2020) co-funding:
€ 5 972 723,00
Aneta Tumilowicz
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IN2STEMPO has three primary objectives, which address the topic of “Smart system energy management solution and future station solutions”. They are:

  1. Smart Power Supply Demonstrator (TD3.9) – The project seeks to develop a smart railway power grid, in an interconnected and communicated system
  2. Smart Metering for Railway Distributed Energy Resource Management System Demonstrator (TD3.10) – The project seeks to achieve a fine mapping of energy flows within the entire railway system, forming the basis of later energy management strategy
  3. Future Stations Demonstrator – (TD3.11) – The Project will improve the customer experience at Railway Stations

Project Structure

WP01 - Project Management

Project Co-ordination, Consortium Management, Administrative and Financial Management and Quality assurance.

WP02 - Smart Control of rail power supply

The main objective of this Work Package is to provide a demonstrator installed in a 16.7Hz Substation. This demonstrator will be fitted with a control and protection system based on digital data function. This system will be tested to TRL5 in a relevant environment and will demonstrate usability within 50hz Rail power supply systems. This should lead to increased automation and a higher amount of information available for display on the system, forming the basis for the integration of power systems into asset management, and improved information for Traffic Management systems.

WP03 - FACTS for 50 Hz AC Rail Power Supply

Work Package 3’s main objective is to work on the design and implementation of a new 50Hz AC Smart Power Supply based on substations using Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) equipment. Build on and works with the products of WP2 to show that such products can be used within a 50Hz environment. This will achieve TRL4 for the whole system, and achieve a large number of benefits, including:

  • Reduction of energy losses within the rail power supply network.
  • Increased transport capacity within the system.
  • Improvement of power quality and capacity along all the track
  • Removal of separation actions.

WP04 - Railway System Smart Metering Use Case

This Work Package will work to define and implement three smart metering use cases in relevant railway environments. They are:
  1. A Commercially Operated Smart Metering Use Case (CO-OP) dedicated to fine mapping of energy flows.
  2. A Stationing and Maintenance facilities operation Smart Metering (STM-OP) which focuses on the energy consumption of trains out of commercial operation and of stabling infrastructure.
  3. An Infrastructure Electrical sub-system Use Case (IN-OP) which will continuously supervise power supply equipment states and direct energy consumption anomalies better
All three will be implemented in a relevant railway environment, at the EUROTUNNEL site in France and in UK Network Rail run locations.

WP05 - Smart Metering Technology Development and Implementation

The main objectives of this Work Package are to develop the technical components required to implement the use cases described in WP4, pushing the characteristics required by WP4 up to TRL5. This Work Package will design high-level architecture to this effect including field sensors, an Operational Data Management (ODM) platform, and User Applications and Decision Support Tools that allow access to the ODM in a user-friendly manner.

WP06 - Crowd Management in High Capcity Stations

The overall objective of this Work Package is to significantly improve both the customer experience and security in large and high capacity stations during both standard use and in emergency situations. A realistic 3D simulation system based off real-time data will be used to help enable this, leading to a TRL6 complete solution.

WP07 - Improved Station Designs and Components

This work Package aims to significantly improve the design of low-capacity stations and optimise the design process, from concept to construction. This will enable a reduction in construction and operational costs.

WP08 - Improved Accessibility to Trains - Platform Train Interface

This work package will achieve the following objectives:
  • Improved accessibility to trains for all passenger groups by addressing issues with Platform-Train Interface (PTI).
  • Develop solutions that allow safe and inclusive access to trains of varying heights without significantly impacting on the train’s dwell time at the platform
  • Analysing specific PTI issues like differing train heights and curved platforms and how this may affect accessibility.
  • Develop new PTI strategies for identified typical conditions in existing stations.

WP09 - Safety Management in Public Areas

Work Package 9 seeks to develop solutions for improving the safety and resilience of railway stations through developing models, risk assessments and a security manual that can be used to mitigate the impacts of a bomb blast. It will also analyse options for advanced CCTV technology that will analyse specific human behaviours, providing pre-emptive biometric information.

WP10 - Technical Co-ordination and Technology Demonstrators Integration

This work package will work to create a single and coherent project that addresses integration activities within all of IN2STEMPO, enabling seamless and effective technical co-ordination by providing work package leaders with a platform for integration.

WP11 - Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

The work package will ensure that project results and outputs are widely disseminated and effectively exploited by their target groups. Dissemination and communication platforms will be established, specific decision makers and individuals will be targeted, collaborative work with industry partners will take place to facilitate this, and high quality results will be delivered.




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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 777515