IT Solutions for Attractive Railway Services

IP Coordinator: Yves Perreal - THA


Total Project Value:
€ 4 039 491,45
from 01/09/2017 to 30/06/2022
S2R (Of H2020) co-funding:
€ 1 795 150,00
Joao Mira
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The COHESIVE project aims to progressively integrate and demonstrate the various technological innovations developed in the other IP4 projects. This objective will be achieved through specific activities: set up of a common technical approach for all IP4 projects allowing the collection of consistent results, definition of (three) successive releases based on use-cases with increased scope and market value, integration of the building blocks developed in the other IP4 projects, and flagship demonstrations which will pave the way of a solid market uptake.

Main objectives associated to the overall IP4 and its related demonstrations:

  • Guarantee a Technical Coordinated Interface amongst the different projects of S2R/IP4;
  • Ensure Engineering Consistency throughout the different Technical Demonstrators;
  • Promote convergence of all IP4 technical demonstrators; •Dissemination and Communication of the results and concepts developed in IP4;
  • To create a Living Lab approach across the Community to increase the innovation potential generated;
  • To coordinate successive releases based on use-cases with increased scope and market value, integrating the building blocks developed in the different IP4 projects.

Project Structure

WP1 - Technical coordination of ITD4.7 and technical interface with IP4

The Technical coordination work package will address the following objectives:

  • Effective technical coordination of ITD4.7 and the close technical interface with the IP4 projects to guarantee homogeneity of goals and scheduling, as well as coordinated and cooperative communication and exchange of information.
  • Monitor and ensure the progress of the integration activities and the necessary coordination and communication amongst the various TD;
  • Definition of Technical Principles to be applied;

WP2 - Engineering consistency management

The Engineering consistency management work package will address the following objectives:
  • Establishment of Engineering methodology & guidelines and promote the application of a robust engineering system methodology.
  • Creation and update of a common Glossary to formalize the technical and business environment
  • Identification of a top level requirements’ baseline that will be applicable to all TDs 
  • Interface consistency to guarantee the overall uniformity of concepts application and the interoperability and openness of the design
  • Configuration management of the different packages, modules or components.

WP3 - End to end Use cases definition

The End to end Use cases definition work package will address the following objectives:
  • Identification and characterization of major mobility distresses felt on Multimodal transportation environments, to be addressed on the project;
  • Definition of use cases that will enable to test the concepts, modules and tools developed on the different IP4 projects.
  • Definition of user profiles and personas;
  • Production of evaluation reports and results of tests;
  • Overall use cases planning covering: time (phases and iterations), spatial (projects, sites) and common methodology to be adopted.

WP4 - Testing and Integration

The Testing and Integration work package will address the following objectives:
  • Definition a set of integration tests to validate the communication and relationship between components of different TDs.
  • Ensure all requirements are met, and that all output are as expected for the given input.
  • Scenarios definition to test different inputs and conditions of the use cases defined in other WPs
  • Definition of integration procedures;
  • Perform the integration of the outcome of the different releases

WP5 - Demonstrations

The Demonstrations work package will address the following objectives:
  • Define the functionalities for the demonstration scenarios
  • Design the evaluation framework for the demonstration scenarios
  • Perform the live testing in the selected scenarios

WP6 - Dissemination and Communication

WP7 - Project Management




Results and Publications

Configuration Management Plan


Report on major “needs” to address


Technical Principles Description


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 777599