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IP Coordinator: Yves Perreal - THA


Total Project Value:
€ 11 692 236,26
from 01/11/2018 to 31/05/2021
S2R (Of H2020) co-funding:
€ 5 196 029,80
Aneta Tumilowicz
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MaaSive continues and complements the work accomplished within previous projects, ATTRACkTIVE and Co-Active, in the areas of travel shopping, trip tracking, booking and ticketing, and the development of a travel companion. The project not only will enhance and provide extra functionalities to the existing IP4 ecosystem, but also makes emphasis in the compatibility of this ecosystem with the Mobility as a Service approach.

The project will address the following objectives:

  • enhance the existing IP4 functionalities and integrate new modes in the IP4 ecosystem, in order to demonstrate its capability to work at European level covering all modes and functionalities demanded by the users.
  • integrate a compatible approach to include MaaS in the IP4 ecosystem, assuring that the orchestration, the functionalities and the business rules developed in previous projects are compatible with the MaaS paradigm. Emphasize and incentivize the integration of rail in the current MaaS approaches, which are mainly urban, in order to foster its use.
  • provide compatibility with existing legacy systems for operators joining the eco-system, but also propose new technologies to smooth interoperability among systems.
  • improve the functionalities that the IP4 ecosystem offers to the service providers joining it, by making available generic components that could be used by them, specially aimed for small operators and service providers.
  • enrich the Customer Experience by innovating on the traveller´s interface, experiences and services. Offer new possibilities of interaction with the Travel Companion such as mixed reality and voice interaction, as well as new functionalities for managing several profiles and group travelling.
  • offer the passenger information about policies for cancellation, compensation, refund, exchange etc related to their trips, as well as automate as much as possible automate passengers rights transactions that need to take place in situations of delays or cancellations.
  • complement contractual specifications and tools, considering not only co-modal travel but also intermodal and the MaaS approach. Create mobility packages and offer travellers Best Price Options adapted to their use of transport.

Project Structure

WP01 - Travel Shopping CREL

The Travel Shopping work packages (WP1 and WP2), linked to TD4.2, will address the following objectives:

  • Enrich Journey Planning functionalities by introducing Multi-User Capabilities
  • Enlarge the Travel Shopping by taking into account additional modes for the first and last miles, esp. Demand Responsive Transport
  • Refine the Travel Shopping with more information, alternatives and ancillary services.
  • Manage the failure cases at all stages
  • Develop Technology Demonstrators for all modes, esp. Rail and Urban domain with the addition of the Demand Responsive Transport.

WP02 - Travel Shopping FREL

This WP is also linked to TD4.2, and therefore its global objectives are already included in WP1.

WP03 - Booking & Ticketing CREL

Booking & Ticketing (B&T) work packages (WP3 and WP4), linked to TD4.3, will address the following objectives:
  • Complete and complement works performed within CO-ACTIVE, enhancing orchestration capabilities and B&T functionalities
  • Assure alignment and compatibility among IP4 B&T components and MaaS approach, especially in aspects such as tariffs calculation and clearing schemas, and integrating new technologies and paradigms such as blockchain.
  • Propose validation and inspection technologies in order to foster interoperability at media level and work towards the reduction of interaction between the traveller and the infrastructure.
  • Provide travellers with better Customer Relationship Management services, especially regarding passengers rights in a multimodal environment

WP04 - Booking & Ticketing FREL

1This WP is also linked to TD4.3, and therefore its global objectives are already included in WP3

WP05 - Trip Tracking CREL

Tracking the travellers Trip after he has started his journey is an essential part of whole Mobility as a Service (MaaS) system. In IT2Rail the basics of such TripTracking has been laid. The itinerary has been forwarded and is tracked by a single solution system. In ATTRACkTIVE this system was divided into a two-layer system that contains a Tracking Orchestrator and a set of known autonomous so called partial

Trip Trackers each responsible for a specific segment of a journey or special trackers for special purposes. The Trip Tracker work packages (WP5 and WP6), linked to TD4.4, will go a step forward and aims to develop a flexible architecture not only for partial Trip Trackers (pTT) but as well for Event Sources (ES). In addition the Data and Events will be enhanced.

WP06 - Trip Tracking FREL

This WP is also linked to TD4.4, and therefore its global objectives are already included in WP5.

WP07 - Travel Companion CREL

The Travel Companion work packages (WP7 and WP8), linked to TD4.5, aim to specify, design and implement an innovative Travel Companion focused on Mobility as a Service enabling:
  • The management of entitlements tailored for multi-modality, including anti-fraud measures,
  • To inform stakeholders such as family members of the travel journey status,
  • The management of multi-user travelling together,
  • A traveller to experience a door-to-door journey through mixed reality.
  • The MaaSive Travel Companion is composed of the following elements:
  • A personal application, based on a framework which enables the integration of all User Interfaces of the MaaSive services into a unified personal application,
  • A Web Front End enabling to access MaaSive services from Web Browsers,
  • A Mixed Reality Composer and Engine, enabling a Travel Expert to create door-to-door experimentations of the future generation of travel experiences using Mixed Reality.
  • The cloud Wallet, a virtual space that stores all relevant information related to the users and their trips (preferences, journey details, entitlements purchased etc), making it available for both te users and also different IP4 services (shopping, Booking etc).

WP08 - Travel Companion FREL

This WP is also linked to TD4.5, and therefore its global objectives are already included in WP7.


The Enhanced Business Rules and Contractual Management work package will enhance the Co-Active WP3 “Business and Contractual Management” outcomes in order to take into account the Intermodality constraints as well as the MaaS and the DRT approaches. This work package has been identified as separated from the others work package due to its transversal approach and the impact multiple TDs. It will work in three lines, related among them:
  • Business Rules: Those need to reflect the complete nature of the transport arena, including all forms of public and private transport modes; the complex nature of redistribution of funds between intermodal journeys, particularly in times of disruption and re-accommodation; the need of operators to have control of their commercial strategy.
  • An expanded Contractual Management Marketplace (CMMP) that reflects the contractual needs of all operators in an intermodal journal; can handle future (and potential theoretical) requirements of operators; can handle complex situations, such as inter- and intra-MaaS relationships.
  • A Best price engine that helps to calculate the best price for travellers, especially performing multiple travels, taking into account defined mobility packages as the one proposed by MaaS.


This WP is totally linked to WP9, and therefore its global objectives are already included on the previous description of WP9.


As part of the Shift2Rail initiative, the MaaSive project partners have a strong commitment to organise and develop their search activities in line with all other Shift2Rail projects and within an efficient engineering framework. The methodologies, the tools, the quality of the work product and the coordination are considered as key factors to deliver high quality work product in a timely manner. The Technical Coordination and System Coherence work packages (WP1 and WP12) will address the following objectives:
  • Define and apply the proven best practices in system engineering;
  • Enhance the Shift2Rail IP4 glossary and ontology;
  • Guarantee the technical consistency across the project;
  • Manage the technical coordination and mitigate strategy to bypass or resolve the technical issues;
  • Foster of the convergences of technologies to facilitate the adoption across the Railway industry;
  • Define the testing strategy and create testing material and means;
  • Pre-integrate the software components inside the project and provide an active support to the ITD4.7.


Global objectives of this WP are already included in WP11







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